Praise for What Music Means to Me


“THOUGH every photo of the music-loving faces in What Music Means to Me speaks its proverbial ‘thousand words,’ the book’s musicians also express their musical passion in their own loving language. Combined with author Richard Rejino’s artfully executed images, these personal statements make the magic of music come alive, reflecting its pleasure, its healing, its inspiration and its connection to the divine. What Music Means to Me leaves an unforgettable imprint on the heart.”

Laurel Fishman music advocacy columnist, music/media specialist


“WITH stunning photos and startling personal essays, the truths of these musicians and of music itself are revealed. Read their words. Look into their eyes. A personal connection is made. You will visit them time and again. You will remember their names.

Richard has created a compelling compilation that will appeal to musicians and non-musicians alike. A warning to the non-musicians: after you enter their world, you might want to join it.”

Tracy Begland
Dallas Morning News Community Voices Columnist


“IT is a challenge to adequately express, in a few words, what I find so satisfying about this book. It is far easier to just pick it up and and look into the eyes of the stories you tell. They make visible what I often find difficult to understand or express – When music goes in, my spirit is nourished; and a better ‘me’ comes out.”

Denny Senseney
Music Educator, Music Advocate & Music Merchant


“PHILOSOPHERS have tried for centuries to express the meaning of music. Through powerful photographs and poignant words, the subjects in What Music Means to Me have come as close as I’ve ever seen to describing the indescribable.”

Joe Lamond
President, National Association of Music Merchants


“THROUGH striking photographs and compelling personal accounts, Richard Rejino captures not only the musician’s passion, but the musician’s soul. From the hearts of musicians, young and old, this wonderfully artistic book embodies the transformative power of music.”

Paula Crider
Music Educator, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas

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