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What Music Means to Me, the book, is now published through Hal Leonard Corporation.

Attractively priced at $29.99, this 13X11 coffee-table, hardbound book is beautifully laid out in fullcolor with over 40 testimonials and stunning photographs.

What Music Means to Me is available at your local music stores, Barnes & Noble, and online with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders on February 15th.

Recently, What Music Means to Me was selected for the “Best In Show” session at the 2011 National Association of Music Merchants Convention in Anaheim, California.

About the book…

If you have ever questioned the power of music to influence individuals’ lives and to shape our society as a whole, your doubts will be erased upon reading this book. Each story is unique and personal, but the over-arching truth is that the pursuit of excellence in music makes a profound difference in people’s lives. It shapes the core of their being; it causes them to reach for heights they never would have dared; it teaches them life lessons that can be found nowhere else.

Through the exquisite photographs, you can see into each person’s soul. Through the intimate and revealing personal statements, you can feel the pulse of each subject’s heart. After just a short encounter you will know what makes that person who he or she is.

As the fine arts continue to struggle for recognition in our educational system, the material contained within these pages is a timely testament to the importance and validity of music to make a positive and profound difference in the world we inhabit. There can be no doubt that what music means to those featured in this collection is nothing short of life changing.

What Music Means to Me is available at your favorite local music store and at the following suppliers:

Pender’s Music Company


Barnes & Noble


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